Tantric Sex Trick

Relationship Tip #14: Wednesday is Hump day, which calls for a sex tip. Create passion through passionate breathing. Try this tantric sex trick.
1. When you’re with your lover choose one person to lead and the other to support.
2. The supporter will match the leaders breathing, and treat it as supported breathing. The leader breathes normally and the supporter watches how the leader breathes and breathes at the same time in the same way.
3. Maintain eye contact and keep touching each other.
You and your partner will be surprised by the depth of your arousal. You can do this during foreplay, love making or as afterplay (which might just be foreplay all over again).
Happy hump day.

It’s Not You, It’s Me

Relationship Tip #12: You are the common denominator in all your relationships. I recently met a woman who, in her early thirties had decided she would never date or have a romantic relationship with a man again because “they are all crazy jerks”. I cannot relate to at all. I mean, it’s a candy store out there filled with amazing men (and women for that matter) who make wonderful friends, lovers, partners, associates. So, how could this one woman only find crazy jerks? She’s the common denominator and therefore it has everything to do with how she’s choosing and/or reacting. As soon as she saw the pattern and accepted (with tears) that she was the centre of the storm she began working toward love again. Are you the centre of your storm? Here are some clues: do you speak in absolutes, “always”, “never”. Do you find the same situation happens to you over and over again. Then you, my friend, are the common denominator and it might be time to change things for the better. As always, forgive yourself when you find it. We all have a little storm-maker in us.

Good Sex

Relationship Tip #11: Sex advice. When you’re with your lover remember to pay attention to the curves and bends. Particularly the inside curves. Press open mouth kisses on the inner elbow and back of knee, along the side of the waist and anywhere that bends. You will drive your partner wild and be delighted with the squirming, squealing and panting that is the result.  Tammy Cunningham