Team Love

Relationship Tip #25: I was recently in Costa Rica at a very romantic resort over Valentines Day, where I witnessed all sorts of sexy and beautiful relationships. From the couple that does everything together and could even finish each other’s jokes; to the many times I saw men lifting their wives/girlfriends down from cars, stairs, ziplines; to the hilarious love stories of how people met; to both parties looking out for each other. I saw kisses on foreheads, hand-holding, the giggle-cuddle (my favourite), I heard the glowing admiration people had for their partners and the affectionate teasing between them. And most of all, people looking out for each other. Doing for each other and letting the other person do for them. Whether they were 24 or 84. I believe in love and the love I saw in Costa Rica was yet another confirmation. If there’s a tip in all of this it’s very simple. Make a team and call it Team Love. ♥

Forrest Gump has hidden Easter Eggs for Valentines Day

Relationship Tip #24: (A quick exercise) As we head into Valentines Day, watch the movie Forrest Gump. There are a lot of good reasons to watch this terrific film, yet I suggest you watch it from the perspective of the love between Forrest and Jenny. There are three major lessons to learn from Forrest (contains spoilers):
1. That when we love someone, we can be anywhere in the world doing anything and that person is with us. And we learn later that when he ran for 3 years, he was thinking of her the whole time. 2. To love with an open heart. He never falls into the trap of hating her. Whether she is to be ´just a friend´or his ´wife´ he doesn´t become bitter. So easily we can indulge hate where we once felt love.
3. He accepts her with her flaws and in the end she accepts him too.
Enjoy the movie. I´d love to hear your thoughts and relationship discoveries as well. Please feel free to comment below.

Whatever it takes to make each other happy

Relationship Tip #23: Valentine’s Day… commercial money grab? or romantic love fest. I’ve been hearing from many men and a couple of women that Valentine’s day is meaningless to them. They will not observe it even though the person that they’re in relationship with loves Valentine’s Day.
Here’s a rule of thumb around these kinds of things. If you have a philosophical or intellectual view of something that your partner has an emotional view on, I strongly suggest that you go with the emotional.
Now, this doesn’t mean running out to the mall to drop thousands of dollars. To honour the spirit of the occasion, is to honour the happiness of your partner. It goes back to an earlier tip, “Would you rather be right, or in relationship.”
For many, Valentines Day is the Superbowl in a year of relationship. Or for my geeky friends I say, it’s the Christmas Special in a Doctor Who Season. It’s Comicon.
I have a wonderful friend, who’s favourite holiday is Halloween. This time of year her house is more decorated than for any other holiday occasion. And her husband is her very willing sidekick and accomplice. That’s all it takes. Be the accomplice to your special person’s happiness.