Don’t let Facebook Break your heart and 10 other tips to healing a broken heart

Relationship Tip #15: What not to do when your healing your broken heart:
1. Don’t talk endlessly and analyze the facts and assumptions about the other person.
2. Don’t stalk them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or keep their profile open to you so that they can randomly pop up in your newsfeed and ticker tape.
3. Don’t call their friends and family just to say “hello” and then inexpertly ask them for information.
4. Definitely don’t randomly rage at them on the phone, through text or email and especially in person.
5. Don’t go to places that they usually go, so you might “innocently” bump into them.
6. Don’t avoid your feelings, whatever they may be. And don’t avoid crying.
7. Don’t blame yourself for everything and say things like, “if I’d just done this or that better”, “I’m such an idiot” “I really f**ked up”
8. Don’t assume that you got played and that the other person was just out to hurt you for their own diabolical purposes.
9. Don’t jump into a new relationship in order to feel better about the last one.
10. Don’t hate the other person.
11. Don’t make this the reason you will never love again.
If you avoid this major pitfalls, you can heal your heart in a healthy way. And always, always, always forgive the other persona and forgive yourself.