3 Steps to Becoming a Powerful Communication

Relationship Tip #6: How to be a powerful communicator. Three very important rules. 1. Notice how you feel and make sure that what you say matches what you feel. Example: When you’re disappointed and you say “that’s ok”, when in fact, you feel disappointed. So the truthful answer is “I feel disappointed”. Don’t make a production of it. Just say the truth.
2. When someone says something that gives you the ickies, call the ickie out. This means, when someone says something that leaves you feeling guilty, embarrassed, discredited, angry.., instead of staying silent (which is what most of us do) or going into a big defence, or , say “That didn’t feel good” or event just “yuck”, or “ouch”
3. When you say something leave out any agenda, hinting, strategizing and drama. This means that if you want someone to do something, know something, be something to you or you’re simply pissed off…, you say it in a very clear way. And always from an “I” statement. As soon as you make someone else responsible for your feelings and desires you’re in drama territory.
Remember to talk responsibly, and as always, if you’ve bungled your way through it, let yourself off the hook and forgive yourself.